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**UPDATED FEB 17, 2022**

Sunday worship is both in-person and online. In-person attendees may choose whether to wear a mask while on Mountain View's campus. Mountain View does not require proof of vaccine or a negative test result to attend in-person. If you have concerns about attending or are feeling sick in any way, please stay home and watch online

Small Groups

In-Person only​

  • Pathfinders (all ages)

  • Ladies of the Lord (ladies only)

  • College & Career (20s & 30s)

  • Students (7th-12th)

  • Kids (Babies-6th)

Hybrid / Online (in-person & online) 

See Zoom Links Page for online access

  • Crossroads (all ages)

  • Young Families (families with young kids)

  • Generations (all ages)

Our Pastors & Staff Are Available


If you have a need, call the church office at (520) 744-9141. Even if a pastor is not physically on our campus, we will get you in contact with someone you can talk with, pray with, or give you counsel. If you have a prayer request feel free to submit one here.

How YOU can help

Consider giving to the benevolence fund through our online giving page. Your financial gifts will go towards both food & supplies and paying bills for those in need. Visit our GIVE page to donate.

Mountain View is also looking for volunteers to help shop for elderly, quarantined, disabled, or busy families with kids. If you'd like to serve in that way click here and let us know.


Need food and supplies? Or counseling?


If you are sick, including being quarantined and you have a need, please let your small group, deacon, or church staff know. If you are not a part of a small group, call the church office at 520-744-9141. We are coming together to provide food and supplies to people in need around our city. If you need aid (in the form of food & supplies or help with bills), please click the button below and fill the form out for yourself or someone you know.

Likewise, if you have been struggling and want to talk with a professional counselor, contact us and we'd love to set you up with up to four sessions with licensed counselors through New Life Counseling.


Leadership will review each question. Not all questions will get a personal response; however, each questions' content will be addressed in some form in our updates. 

Thanks for submitting!

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