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Capacity: 250

  • Groom's room

  • Large screens for slideshow

  • Custom color splash against walls

  • Piano

  • Guest sign-in table

  • Gift table


Capacity: 200

  • Reception area

  • Bridal room

  • 20 round tables (6ft) and 10 rectangle tables (8ft)

  • 12 smaller cafe tables and chairs

  • 5 bar height cafe tables

  • Large screen for slideshows

  • Sound system w/ microphone and bluetooth

  • Servery-kitchen 


We’ve designed our facilities to provide a worshipful atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. We ask that you respect the property as you enjoy the environment for this special occasion.

  • No food or drinks may be taken into the Worship Center (water okay).

  • All guests, decorations and personal items must be cleared from the Worship Center, Bride’s Room and Groom’s Room by 10 p.m. or when the last wedding party member leaves the church. While janitorial services are provided, the wedding party is responsible for general clean-up.

  • The church assumes no responsibility for the security of personal articles.

  • Alcohol is prohibited on the church premises. Any appearance of intoxication is against our guidelines.

  • Smoking (including vaping) is not permitted anywhere on the church premises, including restrooms and dressing rooms.

  • If you decide on a wedding during the month of December, please keep in mind that the church will have Christmas decorations in place. The decorations could change each year; therefore, actual pieces used during Christmas are not known until December of each year. Christmas decorations are not allowed to be used at other times of the year and will not be moved or taken down for weddings during the month of December.

  • The bride, groom, and wedding party will coordinate with the church contact about when they want to get into the buildings for setup, decorating, etc.


  • The wedding party is responsible to see that the church is clean when decorating is complete. The church is not responsible for storing any wedding decorations. All decorations must be cleared from the church building by 10 p.m. on the day of the wedding.

  • All wedding music must be tasteful and not glorify sex, drugs, violence, or anything morally wrong.

  • No nails or glue can be used to fasten decorations to the furniture, building, or carpet.

  • Stage instruments may be taken off at the couple's request. Only authorized personnel may remove instruments from stage.

  • The wedding party is responsible for setting up their own means of wedding photography/videography. The church has the ability to live stream the wedding upon request.

    • Live stream will be aired to Mountain View's YouTube page.

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